So I was playing yesterday and I managed to snap a string, was doing some bends and got really into it and then....well I need new strings now. I want strings that don't really excel at any one style but are basically good all around strings, anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking d'adario since I always use them for guitar stuff.
I use the Blue Steel by Dean Markley.

I like them a good bit, last a long time, however they tend to be a bit bright when you first put them on. So it takes some playing to get them in the sweet tone spot.
Rotosound Swing 66.
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Roto's, Bells's are very good as well.
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rotosounds huh? I was thinking about getting those before because of the price but I heard they aren't good for slap but I'll try anything once.
well not anything.....but strings yeah
edit: I just checked and I guess they were on sale but now they are not
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