Right so I play with a mandolinist, and play classical guitar (grade ish). I have a bunch of electrics and acoustics (washburn X50 pro, couple of guitars my dad made, and a ramirez 40th anniversary - very nice....lol). Anyway, I am in need of an amplifiable acoustic. Now personally I'm not a big fan of the playability of an acoustic guitar (very thick strings, tight tension etc.... just a personal preference, probably due to playing classical (nylon strings!!) and electric guitar for about 9 years). When in america this summer, I came across the taylor T5 and fell in love....however, back to reality I don't have $2000 to dish out as a 17 year sixth form student. So researching semi acoustic guitar back in the uk, I came across the Crafter SA. It has fantastic reviews across the board, in built on the T5, and is incredibly good value for money!! (£299!!!). Basically, I don't really want to buy it online, but would like to play one, then be able to buy it in confidence knowing what the guitar I am buying plays like. However, I live in Bath, and there are no shops that stock. DO ANY OF YOU AWESOME DUDES OUT THERE KNOW OF ANY SHOPS THAT STOCK THE CRAFTER SA, SO I COULD GO AND TRY IT OUT!? (and within resonable distance; I don't want to be travelling for more than about 2 hours). Also, if you have any first hand experience of it please share!!!! ANd another thing I'm a bit stuck on is which finish, because there are about 5!!! The bubinga looks lovely, but is there another one which will result in a better sound?
Thanks for your time, and hope to get some replies!