Hey, kinda new here and trying to learn the ins and outs of amp settings.

Theres a clean volume knob then an overdrive button then two lead knobs, one labled pre and one labled post. Can anyone take a couple minutes and explain these to me? I can't find anything about it googling things, so I thought I'd ask here.

pre gain is the amount of gain coming from ur pre amp tubes. this is where all of your overdrive and general tone come from. so if u want to play clean, keep the pre low and post higher. the post gain is the level of ur power amp, this is what really amplifies the sound, and is basically used as a volume knob.

clean - overdrive button off, pre low, post for volume (pretty high)
overdriver - od button on, pre medium, post for volume
distortion - od button on, pre high, post for volume
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i think the pre knob controls the amount of gain and the post knob controls the volume of the gain.

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