Well fellow UG'ers several moments ago I finished the instrumentals for my first song. Since I don't have a band I worked out the bassline by myself (it sounds kinda gay but catchy) and I'm pretty happy with the rest. I think I'll add vocals after I record the instrumentals with my guitar teacher tommorow... So people tell me about your first song experiences
As being a guitarist for 1,5 years, i've never finished a full song, but in my online band, i did. It was kinda cool, but our style changed a lot and we had to scrap it.
My first song, I wrote when I was like, 6 or 7, about 4 years before I even started playing guitar, when I would piss about on my brother's guitars when he was out of the house It used this chord.


It was pretty terrible to say the least.
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
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pretty much since the begining ive been writing songs on guitar pro. my beginings songs werent very good to say the least haha. But ive been playing bass for almost 3 years (been taking guitar somewhat seriously for about 7-8 months and ive been playing drums for around 7-8 months aswell) and ive also taken theory classes, so im at the point where i think im actually a pretty good song writer. But, my first songs tended to suck quite a bit.
my bands first song wasnt too bad. but we edited some things as we went on and it ended up pretty good

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my firsts recordings are on my band's myspace, actually i'd like to ask for you guy's opinions, am i allowed to start a thread about it ?


yes u are. go to the promote your band forum
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^no, i mean not as promotion, as ''are my recordings good? what could i improve at the instrument's recordings?'' , more as technical talk..

oh yeah my bad. go to the songwriting and riffs forum
Took me YEARS to really write my first song, it has never been easy to write songs since, although I enjoy improvising, I am also a perfectionist.

But I digress.

My first song wasn't bad. I've continued to change it and work on it over the years, it has changed a lot but the first iteration is something that I'm still happy with. So I can't complain, asides from it being a quite hectic song. And the recording was terrible.