Poll: Tony Iommi or Jimmy Page
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View poll results: Tony Iommi or Jimmy Page
Tony Iommi
12 52%
Jimmy Page
6 26%
They both suck
2 9%
To close to call
3 13%
Voters: 23.
Just wondering. In my opinion its Page but its very close.
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This would be better fitting in the Bands and Artists section.
Also, it's pretty similar to a vs. thread.

*Reported* either for lock or move, whichever the mods prefer.
Page or Iommi...Page or Iommi....there's only one way to find out...FIIIIIGGGGHHHHTT!!!!

shush now.

Actually called Mark!

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Vs thread

More *reports*
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god why is everyone so anal about this.

Vs thread reported cus im so cool

I like threads like this its a chance to discuss music