Ok so heres the deal i have two guitars that i love, but i want to get new pickups on one of them. Im still deciding whether to get Emg 81, 85 combo, or get some of the new semour duncan blackout's. but thats not what im asking, I need to choose to either put the pickups on My Esp Ltd. F-100 or my Hamer custom. The Esp has semour duncan humbucking pickups and the hamer also has humbucker pickups im not sure what kind tho. The hamer has a nice mahagony body and already has nice fat tone and the esp is great for soloing. im just at a loss of what to do? any ideas?
well it depends on which ones tone you want to change. i suggest putting them in the ESP, as active pickups wont really help the hamer much imo.
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So both of your guitars have great tone, yet you want to change the pickups?
Well, the LTD sucks the most, so you could either give it the upgrade to get it to a level of the Hamer, or you could put them in the Hamer, and have one pretty good guitar.
Although really, a Hamer Custom shouldn't need a pickup change at all, unless you know exactly what you want, which it sounds like you don't. Put them in the LTD.
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