Getting very sick of how weak and ball-less my 70's reissue strat sounds in comparison to my 2006 American tele. I can set it up to sound ok, but then my tele sounds crap on the same settings which is a pain as I like to swap guitars when playing live - I usually keep strat in standard and tele in drop D tuning. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I should do? Was wondering about those Jeff Beck hot noiseless pups by fender? Also, maybe something a lot simpler, like a clean boost such as the mxr micro amp or ehx lpb1 would work? Which is the better option? As I said the strat's tone is grating on me a bit so I wouldn't mind swapping out the pups...


Is what some junkies refer to heroin as. For me it's just loads of wires and good sturdy housing, but just as addictive.
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