Pretty good. You got my head banging. I really liked the bass in the first melodic part. Lots of range in this song, goes from melodic to brutal very nicely. Some of the breakdowns didnt quite fit though. 3 third one fit very well though.
I don't usually care much for metalcore songs but I must say this one was impressive.
This song was pretty good. From what I read from the previous two posts, I thought it would be better. It was still good though. Some of the beats and riffs were a little... bad. Like the transition riff at bar 16. The rest was alright. The melodic parts were great, loved them. Probably should have been implemented a little bit more.

But other than that this just sound like a bunch of riffs thrown up into one song. So... 7 / 10. Not bad, but you can improve it; I can tell from your writing.

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Woow, amazing son dude, I really like the parts with the strings, it gives a warm sound. The rest of the song is good but the breakdowns are ****ing amazing. By the way, I'm the Paradox Empire member who composed the Dark punk song. Thx for your comment dude !
this sounds like two completly differnt songs were mashed together, it dosent flow to well. both the melodic epic sections and breakdowns should be in two differnt songs. on the up side your breakdowns remind me of TAS and Oceano. and i love Oceano good job over all but it clashes with my ears
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