What guitar do you find most enjoyable to play? Ive got quite a few but actually my cheapest one ibanez s series, as the neck is very nice and not glossed, thin body and a great balance.
I find my cheap ibanez a lot more playable than a lot of other higher-end Ibanez that I've played. In fact, I rather dislike them, but I like the one I play, probably because I'm so used to it.

Also, Stratocasters, if they didn't go out of tune all the time.
I generally enjoy playing V-shaped guitars, especially Dave Mustaine's angel of deth. I'd get that guitar in a heartbeat if I had the money
theres guitars ive played with a nicer sound then strats but im most comfortable with one and its the most "enjoyable" to play for me
I love playing my RG2550Z. It has so many harmonic overtones. It's so musical. And moving around the neck is just so smooth. Bends on it seem much more expressive than other guitars. It's so nice that I'm selling my American Deluxe Strat to get another RG Prestige with different pickups.
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The most enjoyable for me is a telecaster, but its not my favorite.
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Les Pauls. End of disucssion for me.

I also really like the necks on Ibanez SZR520's.
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I like playing my homemade rhoads V the most. The neck is just thick enough, and the body is perfect for sitting down. The body is way too light though, so it neck dives alot when standing, but I don't mind.
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For me, it's a Schecter C-1 for sure, or my Les Paul. Similar neck thicknesses.

I also like ESP's M and MH series.
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I generally enjoy playing V-shaped guitars, especially Dave Mustaine's angel of deth. I'd get that guitar in a heartbeat if I had the money


right now my two favorites are my alexi-200and 600, although the 200's neck is thinner and i find myself more comfy at the 18th fret and up on it. i think this is just me being used to cheap guitars tho
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At the moment I'm really enjoying my OLP MM1... Few days ago I would have said my 550. A year ago I would have sworn up and down that a Les Paul was the guitar for me.

Guess I just gotta catch em all!
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This is a close call for me as I have had two exceptionally playable guitars over the years. I suppose the '61 LP Custom (SG shape) must just shade it. That is because its sound was so inspiring which complemented its light weight and lovely neck. Close second was my Pack Leader which was all Walnut with a slightly V neck profile and not much heavier than the SG. It just loses on its tone which was good but not amazing. Also it was a moody axe that would play like a dream one day and not want to know, the next. All Pack Leaders do that.

Surprisingly, my mate had a '54 Goldtop that sounded brilliant but was not that nice in the hands. Big fat neck and on the heavy side. But it was still a joy just for the historical buzz it gave you.
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I've always found strats a joy to play. However, I do find that Ibanez makes awesome guitars, especially their lower end models are superb. Only thing I don't like about ibanez, is the necks. Otherwise, I think they're great guitars.

So my vote goes to strats and ibanez.
I love the neck on my les paul, but i like the thin necks on the ibanez guitars i've tried, i'll probably buy a nice ibanez whenever i get the money as of now, new gear fund: $40 :P
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My S540. The neck is perfect for my hand (even though it doesnt belong in this guitar, its an RG neck) its light and the jumbo frets feel great. Plus the oil finished mahogany looks sweet, even though theres a patch worn down to wood near the pickups/pots/switch. I really need to buy some tung oil to fix that up!
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I enjoy change. Its definatly hard to choose which is most enjoyable.
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My RG350DX, becuase its the only electric i have

I love the shape of fender necks and i love ibanez fretboards. The only bad thing about the neck on ibanez's for me is playing RHCP stuff or just chords that use your thumb. It feels kinda weird with a flat neck and its a bit harder than with a fender. Fender necks just melt into your hands and you can play that kind of stuff with ease. Ibanez is awesome though becuse theyre all around good guitars for almost any genre. Even the low end ones, like others have said.
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A Les Paul is the most enjoyable guitar to play for me. Any of the very thin neck guitars feel like crap to me. Even my Strat feels a little thin after a few straight days with the Les Paul.
My Jackson DKMG has the best neck IMHO, Not to thin and not even clost to being thick. The LTD EC1000 is great and and the Rhoads and V's are nice when I play standing up
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My own. Once you've played a scalloped fretboard, you'll never want to play a standard fretboard again.
It comes and goes.

But any guitar with a fat smooth neck and a pair of nice humbuckers usally does it for me.
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I must say that I have never played a guitar that I liked more than the one I have. At least, as far as electrics. I have a Johnson Catalyst. I love the way it feels, sounds, and plays. I've never played a guitar that is the same as it. There's always something different that I don't really like as much. I can say that I do love the way that stratocasters feel. My friend has two strats and I've played with them a lot over the time that we've been friends. I love the way they feel a lot. The sound isn't really that impressive to me, but the feeling is just amazing. And any strat that I have ever played at the store feels great, too. As far as acoustics, I love the way that any Ovation has felt on my body. I have a Yamaha and it doesn't feel bad or sound bad by any means, it's just that Ovations are so comfortable to hold. They don't sound that amazing to me, though. As far as sound for acoustic guitars, I like those fancy Gibson Hummingbirds. Those things sound freaking amazing. And really any jumbo I've ever played has sounded nice. Problem is that I don't know that I like the giant size. But they sound nice.
My telecaster. Heavy enough to be noticeable but light enough not to hurt, doesn't go sliding away, and the neck would be perfect if it weren't glossy. But that's manageable.

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my rga is pretty nice to play except the access to the 23 and 24 could be better as for my favorite guitar to play probably the jackson sl2h
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Well, currently, the guitar that I enjoy playing the most is the Dean Time Capsule Cadillac I got back in 2004 or so...but my new Jon Kammerer Cored Cherry is giving it a serious run for the money.
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