ive been playing guitar for about 4 years now, and just randomly starting being interested in playing bass. i play nothing short of progressive/death metal-esque stuff, so i first of all find it rare to be able to follow the bass within a song i like as i cant hear it. i'll probably have to settle for a bass/amp combo for under 300 bucks but that is a different story. i just want to understand what exactly a bassist plays for "metal", ive heard tons of people say to just play what the guitarists play (in single note form obviously) and then other people say that im supposed to play with the drums somehow.
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Bass is part of the rhythm section so really the bassline should have more to do with the drums. There's no set 'this is what a bass does in metal'. You can play route notes in the background, felt not heard, like most bassists. Pretend to be a guitarist, like Cliff Burton, and don't get heard anyway. Or you can play your own thing and really make a difference in the band, i.e. Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath, Ryan from Mudvayne, etc.

It metal, equalisation is key.
Lol@Route notes.
Bass is very important in metal.
Especially live.
They definetly change the sound.
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