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In addition to Steve Digorio (of Quo Vadis and Death, amongst other bands), Obscura's bass player uses a 6 string fretless.
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I find when you clack properly on a fretless, it does a lot more SCHWANK, something that would suit a metal band I think.
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its's your choice... You should'n be asking it out here... If you want to play Heavy Metal with a fretless bass, then go ahead... Don't care about "if it is okay for the others" -stuff.. Do It how you like it..
Definitely not okay. Where do you silly kids get these crazy ideas. Next thing you'll be making six string basses and bass distortion pedals to boot!
The guy from Augury does it, pretty sick stuff.

Go ahead and try it out if you can play accurately that fast.
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This. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!? Everyone knows if you so much as brought a fretless bass into practice with a metal band, without even plugging it in, you would create a reaction that would kill you, you're bandmtes, and everyone within a 12 mile radius. You would even run the risk of igniting the earth's atmosphere, ending all life on earth.

Do you want to responsible for the end of world ImaginaryEvil? I think not.

Seriously though, do it. Screw what everybody else says. Do what you want. And check out Steve Digiorgio. In addition to Death and Quo Vadis mentioned above, check out Sadus.
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ok your gonna be playing metal. that means you can play music what ever f---ing way you want to. dont ask to use a fretless bass. all the power to you.
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a fretless bass?

Cynic and Obscura do it...

I do it.
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fretless + metal = just fine

unless theres a big scary man pointing a gun at your head and telling you not to use the fretless, in which case I suggest you do what he says.

But seriously, it'll sound fine
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Yes, its fine. I play fretless in death metal, I prefer the deep warm balance it brings to the band. I find that the usual clacky tone metal bassists drift towards leaves the band sounding bottomless and very cluttered in one frequency. Fretless bass adds more dimension and aptmosphere to the over tone of the band.

Check out these bands, they have great fretless bass players.

Obscura (Jeroen Paul Thesseling) , Cynic, Gordian Knot, Aghora (Sean Malone) Exivious (Robin Zielhorst) , Intronaut (Joe Lester) , Death (Steve DiGiorgio)
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I'm pretty sure Rex Brown might have used fretless for a few tunes... that may be in Down though.

Also Dan Briggs used a fretless Steinberger on BTBAM's song Mirrors, and Yasuyuki Suzuki and Doug Keyser were playing them back in around 87.

Bottom line: yes, it's fine.

edit: FYI Steve DiGiorgio uses fretless basically exclusively, and he's played with a LOT of bands. And yeah, Forest from Augury is another plus.
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The guy from Augury does it, pretty sick stuff.

Go ahead and try it out if you can play accurately that fast.

Geddy Lee's technique on fretless basses:

"The trick is to play so fast nobody can tell you are out of tune."
If you can make it sound the way you want it to sound, then it doesn't matter what instrument you're playing.
fretless in metal sounds amazing, imo. if you like the sound of it, then its fine.

and it really does add another dimension of listening to it
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In addition to what everydody's mentioned, I'd like to throw in Arthur von Nagel from Cormorant. Very tasteful fretless playing. Nothing too technical, but it serves the song, and can stand out melodically on it's own.


Check out Salt of the Earth or Ballad of the Beast. Uneasy Lies The Head is pretty cool too.

I also strongly second Robin Zielhorst. Awesome tone.
Only if you´re good at it and when youre playing weird prog avant garde experimental metals.
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I say yes... Fretless has cool sound Listen to Obscura he has nice sound on hes fretless.
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I've got where I love playing Metal on my fretless.
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Only if you´re good at it and when youre playing weird prog avant garde experimental metals.

Some Opeth songs use fretless same with death and both arent really avant garde :S

I say go with it, gives your band more character and originality as long as it suits the type of metal you play.
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