i am currently looking at getting a new amp, i've been looking at the marshall class 5 and blackstar ht-5, both are about the same price where i live.
i was going to be going to try them out but the fact that i've had to spend the money on a freezer as it broke, i was then going to try them out in december with my brother who was looking at getting an electric but now he is looking at rob chappers guitar and will probably get one, i wouldn't realy be able to try the amps as i have to travel for 3 hours to get anywhere tht stocks them. so i'm starting to have to resort to getting it online, as it will be cheeper.
i am stuck on which one to get, i personally like the blackstar ht-5 as it would mean i would probably not need to get a pedal to play what i want whilst with the marshall i would have to get an overdrive pedal.
i play all types of rock, some blues and some metal. i currently have an epiphone g-400 and a boss ds-1.
would it be worth getting the blackstar or the marshall and an overdrive pedal. any opinions or recomendations are greatly appreciated. i have a budget of €400
I had the pleasure of sitting by and drinking beer while Chappers demoed his guitar through the Class 5. It's a great sounding amp, but seriously lacking in gain. I'd personally go for the Blackstar
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I thought you were stuck between two amps and couldn't get out

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No MV on the Class 5 so definitely HT-5 if you're going to be playing some metal.
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