Hey guys

I've decided to sell my Orange in favor of a Marshall as I'm really missing that British EL34 sound.

The two amps at the top of my list are the JCM2000 and the JVM410

Just wondering if anyone here owns either of the amps and has an opinion?

Here are the marshalls i have access to

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I own the lowest of the low.. the combo version of the JCM2000.

It's a great amp. I use a 4x12 Peavey extension cab when I play on stage and it's definitely loud enough to gig with.

It has a good clean channel, an OK OD1 channel, and a good OD2 channel. It's good for classic rock and hard rock. I play Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Crowes, and Velvet Revolver songs and this amp is a good fit. The reverb is not very good though.
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I got a bugera 1990, clone of the jcm 900, el34's, i know it's not the same amp, but it does sound similar, and in my opinion sound's great. It like the marshall's has that crunch sound that no other amp has, high enough gain for anything short of uber hardcore metal, and get's as clean as you want. it's great for hard rock/metal, to classic rock and even country and southern rock
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I own a JCM2000 TSL60 head going through a 2x12 marshall 1936 cab. Good sounding crunch and lead channels and cleans are decent (sounds nice with the spring reverb built into it). You'll need to mess around abit on the crunch and lead channels to get a sound you want, the presence control is important in this respect but you can get good classic rock tones from it which i really like since im a fan of midrangey crunchyness.
I love my tsl 100. honestly with the right eqing you can do everything from great cleans, acdc crunch, jcm 800 crunch to balls to the wall gain.

IMHO the stock tubes were ok at best. I changed my tubes to EH el34 and Tungsol 12ax7s and the amp really shined.

All in all its a great amp that will do everything you could want in an amp
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Little bit of a thread hijacking here, but does anyone know if the DSL 401 is still in production? I can't find it on any of the major sites.
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Make you own mind up about it. I personally think the TSL is a better amp than the JVM.

I'm a big Marshall supporter,

Here's some youtube clips, but most importantly, go play it yourself.

Can do anything from this:


To this:


Edit: Personally, for the slipknot cover, i would have EQ'd some more bass into is so it was a little smoother and less crunchy, that's just me
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