Hello I have a few pedals (boss type stompboxes) that I have on the ground and there is just so much that seems to go wrong with having them down there and connected to the "one spot" multi ac adapter. I seem to always kick out a power supply or something like that all to often.

I have seen other musicians have a pedal or two mounted in their rack at eye level; at least one time I know of they were able to control the operation of the pedal from their feet (at least switch on and off).

I don't need to twist knobs during performance, I just need to turn the pedals on and off - and I need for it to be reliable.

Anyone have ideas I've been online searching for a couple of hours and can't find any products that are designed to this end.
I think some people just keep the pedals running all the time on a power supply, then use a bypass pedalboard to put them in/out of the signal chain. You can buy pedalboards that just have rows of switches for what are basically effects loops in the pedalboard.
I'm not quite sure what you're aiming for.

A pedal board may help keep pedals and wires organized so you don't accidentally kick something and unplug a chord.
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Wow thanks to all 3 of you guys for the quick response!

Stickymongoose and flashmdg had the right idea - I am looking into the bypass pedalboard idea now. I'd still like to be able to switch on the pedal with my feet but I'd like all knobs, input cables and especially the power inputs not to be right in front of me on the stage.

I've tried a variety of pedalboards and currently have them velcroed to a pedal board but have a multi adapter 1 spot powering them all up. I know that's not ideal but I've had bad luck with every configuration of pedalboard.

At our last gig I would actually click on one pedal and nothing would happen - and two pedals down the chain would turn on(!) I think it was an electricity issue and I decided that I had enough - I just want to get the operation off the floor in hopes of getting something more stable.
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This is a whole new world I'm learning about - thanks for the good suggestions.

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This is a whole new world I'm learning about This is a whole new world I'm learning about - thanks for the good suggestions.

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