The Vocal style for Death/Martyr/Arsis, What would you call the range of those singers?

Example, (I do not exactly understand what I am saying here, But I will spend Time learning all the vocal ranges, and understand the terms) Is Chuck a Tenor? Alto? They all have basically the same range (Except James Malone, he has a bit more of a shrillness to his Vocals sometimes, but they are all similar) So Im wondering what their ranges are.

Also, About Gutteral Vocals, Such as CC and such, Do you just eventually work your way down that low from say a "Regular" range, Or if you can't get down that low, is it basically Barred for you? With practice, could I sing like CorpseGrinder?
CorpseGrinder never sings all that low especially on Evisceration Plague and even more so when compared to Barnes. But, yeah just practice and you should be able to get pretty lower.
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