hey UG, I play classic and hard rock and I have a Fender Telecaster and a Fender Hotrod Deluxe. what distortion or fuzz should i get to drive my amp? try to keep the limit under $200
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how bout a Boss bd-2?

EDIT: good for page/clapton/acdc style rock

it looks like a great front end boost but not enough distortion for rhythm and shit
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It's tonally amazed me, especially from a pedal and especially because it's manufactured up the road from me

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have a look on proguitar shop there are quite a few fuzz pedals on their and most of them also act as distortions and theire youtube demos use the same gear as you
I've always been fond of the Big Muff Pi. It might be a bit heavier in sound than you're looking for but it's quite a good fuzzy distortion.
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