So this is a song Im workin on with my new band, We are only a bass and drums so there is a heavy bass and drums influence.

I'd first like to know how it is so far, and I'd like to have some advice on where to go next, If I should repeat some riffs, solos ect. I'm open to anything.

anything else you would like to add would be nice. Thanks.
Project X.gp5
The odd time signatures fit perfectly and don't take away from the song at all. This is very progressive and cool sounding, a lot of jazz fusion influences obviously. My only complaint is that there should be drums in the intro parts too and not just in A, B, etc. It's too empty sounding. Part A really adds that metal sound to it and in part B the fretless bass alone with the drums sounds so cool! I would keep developing this, it has a lot of potential.

Now is there going to be a melody to it or some screaming on top? If there's to be a melody, then I would go on from there and expand and develop it. If its screaming on top, which I can really hear with this, then I would try to do a complete change up rhythmically and go into something else, maybe something more melodic in the rhythm.

Crit mine?
Thanks for the crit man. I'll work on some intro drums.
As for vocals I do screaming and we have a female singer atm.
So we will probably do more singing vocals but perhaps like a talking sort of sing like in King Crimson. Its hard to say.
King Crimson with screams? Alright.

I would say you go with a semi-scream/growl like Karl Schubach from Misery Signals. You need to be brutal, hardcore, and distinctive in simultaneous fashion.

As for the song itself, pretty good. I like the funk of it. And the riffs are fitting. But don't add a solo, as it won't fit very well in the theme of the song.
I also think that the song needs a more dynamic cadence, both rhythmically and melodically.