Ok, so here is the situation. For the past month i have been on every guitar website this world has to offer and all i have done is over look and freak myself out The long and short of it is, i need a new electric guitar. I have only been playing for about 2 years, but im serious about it and want to get my next guitar right. I have been playing a crappy strat from ARGOS but to make up for that i have a sweet roland cube 30x. Now im looking for a guitar to meet the rock and metal styles of today. i have a low budget of about £250 to find a guitar that looks and sounds as good as possible So far i have looked at gibson copys such as,

Vintage VS6 Sg copy

Vintage V100 Les paul copy

And the Tokai sg copys,

They all have there positives and negatives, I just wondered if any of you had opinions on the quality of these. And then i have lookede at makes such as ibanez, B.C Rich and Cruiser by Crafter. Now im starting to get confused. Please help! Thanks. (All suggestion welcome)
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I'm happy with my Gibson LP Studio, its suits me well and it sounds great.
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