Ive taken some advice from my first song 'ye drunk davy' and made this new one called low tide at night. Please feel free to tell me what needs improving or edit it.
Low tide at night.gp5
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Hmm, I strangely like this. It's very dissonant but it has a really cool atmosphere, especially with the tako drum beating. I'm imaging pirates playing mathcore or something of the like, definatly different than the other pirate metal I've heard :P

The only critique I would make is to have more variance in the rif***e, maybe a melody on top. It all depends on if you plan on adding vocals or not. I could hear some screams and growling on top of this easily. You also kinda overuse the tritone here, but your ending chord is great. I just feel like it comes to an abrupt end, unless that is what you are going for. Other than that, this is actually really cool imo.

Crit mine?