alright i want a double locking tremolo i would like to add one to my guitar but would it be cheaper to buy and install one with the music store myself or trade my guitar in my guitar is a dean razorback db and if i traded in it would be for either the razorback db with floyd rose or a ibanez RG350DX
buy a new guitar. it's gonna run you probably $200-$300 for the floyd rose, plus around $600 to get it installed. so that's almost a grand you could put towards a new guitar. IMO save your money, keep the dean you have, and buy the ibanez or another guitar with a trem that you like. You'll probably want to keep the dean if you want to use multiple tunnings.

EDIT: the prices I gave you are the prices I got when I wanted to do the same with my Warbeast. But I ended up buying my jackson, and I am happy i have both, since i use my jackson for E Standard, and the warbeast for everything else
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