It was kida creepy how you were staring me down and the song was too repetative. But it was okay.
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dude, stop staring into the camera!!

the song was good, but your guitar tone is atrocious. what are you playing through?
damn how low are you tuned?? i like the song, it's got a very compelling melody to it. i think the muddiness people seem to be commenting on comes from the tuning, but honestly i don't mind at all. I think it all works well within the song itself. But I agree about staring at the camera haha, I had to quit watching and just listen. But all good stuff nonetheless! I liked the drum track as well. I'm also going to guess you're a rhythm guitarist first, lead guitarist second — yes? Anyways, good stuff. Give me a crit as well if you can! Keep it up. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1223292
Actually I 'm lead guitarist first ( you can check out my videos , just visit my youtube channel )
The tone , the track is recorded through a dead sound card ( 6 $)
The guitar tuning , I think its okay ...
Staring into the camera , Sorry guys but I can't control myself while playing so I do ....
i agree with corey about the rhythm tone, but you're using single coils so you can only get it so good. i do like your leads, both tone and content. i really didnt find it repetitive, the leads kept me interested.

i also have a youtube channel but theres not much on it, just a few weak drum videos that's me who left the first comment.

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