Anyone tried these heads out? I gave one a whirl and they seem to get the best out of that EL34 in that small package, on various guitars (though it seems to have problems keeping definition on some cheap humbuckers). Rather low volume for a 15 watt tube though, and damn expensive. Was wondering what ya'll thought.
They are EL84s.

i find the eq controls not dynamic enough for me :/

i dunno. get a rebel 20
expensive? compared to a tiny terror it isn't.

i played a night train yesterday afternoon. i found the drive to be very very warm. obviously not enough for high gain rock and metal but still... most rock and metal rhythm playing doesn't need that much gain anyway.

no comments about the clean headroom. you can get clear-enough clean tones that aren't all mud and low but i think that's about it.

thick mode is, of course, a definite plus point for the amp. just like everyone else is saying, the tube saturation is just... sweet. lovely.

bright mode is where the EQ comes in. not much comments about that either. i think it's best used in conjunction with all your pedals but i didn't get to play the amp with pedals yesterday.

it's a little more compact compared to the Tiny Terror and the Handsome Devil heads which equals to better portability.

looks best out of the three i mentioned above.

no comments about the matching cab. no comments about the volume.

overall a sweet, compact amp with good features at an affordable price (at least in where i live).
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Love mine. It was between this and the Tiny Terror for me. Had an Epiphone Valve Junior and Blackheart in the past, modded both... got bored... tried out the Night Train, bought it and loved it. I'm mainly a metal player, but the NT works great for the little country side project I'm doing right now.