More lyrics. Whatever.

I was walking home in the rain one day from the local RTA station
Which I walk to morning, day and night for no apparent reason
And I voyeur-ed myself up,
And stuck my head throw the windows of a shady Astro van
where I saw two teenage girls fuck,
And in the future this kind of thing won't happen.
In the future it will be sparse but unforgiving.
We'll get busted as often as a rooster fight but we'll all be
able to get some better sleep at night.

It's rare for a baby to be so naughty that it's sentenced to be hung
up in the gallows by it's throat.
But when a baby is sentenced to be bound and roped to swing and sway
then what a curious sight for the spectator to see the true threshold
for which evil sinks away.
But in the future, these kinds of things won't happen.
In the future they will be sparse but unforgiving.
I'll write bad checks and overdraw but I'll still be able
to get some better sleep at night.

When my father died they found him pushing oats and rye.
It took for June for his bones to rise but I repressed it like a man.
When my mother died she left a heap of W2 forms un-filed
with cat litter strewn about the bathroom tiles.
When my grandparents died I rubbed my heels off sprinting across the Earth -
Had been 13 years since I last stepped inside a Church.
When my brother died he left Early Tymes and a crossbow behind,
Went to Heaven and his soul was denied.
And in the future, this kind of shit won't happen.
In the future it will be sparse but unforgiving.
I'll have raucous sex, my phone still won't text but
I'll get some goddamn good sleep at night.
Poor advice.
I liked it! raw and emotional with imagery that really drew me in I liked the last stanze best.
yeah, you tied it up all pretty well, and an interesting perspective on how one should handle torment in ones life. The subject here understands that repression probably isn;t the best way to deal with things in the long run, but at least it will help some of the short term actions, like sleep. sad and depressing, but the then again, uplifting in some off the wall way, which some of you work is some how able to do.
This had your voice, which seemed to be absent from the last few lyrics you posted. This made me think of a Palahniuk book, clever, funny and at the same time desolate, dark and dry. Do you have any recordings of said lyrics?