Some poem I didn't even realize I had until I was going through some of my more ancient works, lol. I edited it a bit since it was really jumbled.

Snows falling around my town,
Trying so hard not to get down
Try too hard to warm up my sound
My voice and heart just aren’t thawed.
Quit pretending to be
My friend ally in need,
Getting my love
Why should I trust you?
I’m just too dumb
To run faster after the first fall.
(yells) Stop pretending to be,
My lover in bed
I know you can see,
When I’m dead
So just leave me alone
I want you to go away
So I can get stoned on my hate.

When the snow is falling again…try and pick me up
I fall on my head, but that doesn’t mean, I hate you and me
Just you alone.
Sleeping on my back, look at the sky again, from hell
So you could tell, when I yell, I don’t care
Pretend I’m not here,
Just go and say what you want dear.
Maybe I’ll do the same, but you can do that and get mad
I just can’t sleep with you anymore

Why do I have to love? Can’t you do it alone, for once?
I don’t care what you say anymore
Just get through the door and
Get out of my hair

Don’t just see what’s there; pretend to be blind.
You don’t care
Whatever “what is it ever?” these days,
We don’t care
I'm pretty new in this forum, but I'll give you my two cents.

'Trying so hard not to get down
Try too hard to warm up my sound'

For me that part kind of stumbled over itself a little bit, I think mainly because of the similarity of how the lines start, but them not being exactly the same. I absolutely love the next line though, 'My voice and heart just aren’t thawed'.

Also, is there some sort of specific rhyme scheme you were going for? I noticed sometimes it rhymed and sometimes not, but it seemed a little random when it did and didn't...but it seemed like it rhymed too much for it to be coincidence. I guess I found that slightly distracting, but that's probably just me.

But overall I really liked it and I think your mood comes across very well. I kind of liked the snow as a subtle metaphor for your anger/hatred (at least that's what I interpreted) and how you're not overusing it. Nice piece