I need some songs to start me off.

Not too hard, just something to get me going.
It'd be nice to have some Bebop Jazz or something similar.
Salt Peanuts is a laugh. a good 70% of learning to play jazz is theory, though. If you've got a good grasp of theory, you ought to be able to put together a decent bebop line.
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Anything is possible with music which is sooo awesome

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I just learn the formula, apply it to a key, and use said notes on fretboard. Why? Cuz I'm not a pussy.
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I was recommended autumn leaves... so yeah ill recommend that one


Melody is easy, chords aren't too hard, and you can figure out some NICE voicings for them.

Also listen to some Coltrane, a lot of his songs have very simple heads and nice chords. I can't emphasise enough how important it is to listen to a LOT of jazz if you are learning it.