The first thing I've posted here, so pointers, thoughts, direction? Please be nice, but honest
Ya i know the title sucks and is uncreative...but whatcha gonna do?

Have you ever been at that place
where your convictions get you nowhere?
And you're thinking of trading them in
for something new, something better,
something to get you out of there.

Have you ever been at that place
where the surface is all that matters?
The people are missing a dimension,
so transparent you can see right through them
to the emptiness of thier lives.

If there's anyone out there,
please help,
because I'm dying to get out...
Interesting, it made me think the subject was being more reminiscent but then the end makes him/her more desperate. Very good though, it kept me entertained =D
It's our responsibilities, not our selves, we need to take seriously
Hey guys, thanks for taking the time and read/comment, I'll definitely take a look at something from each of you. It's nice to know other people were able to enjoy it. Thanks again for the kind words!