The Precision Bass came first. It has a fatter neck and is slightly wider at the nut than a Jazz Bass. The Precision Bass has what looks like one split pickup, but it is actually two pickup coils wired together. The Jazz Bass has two single coil pickups. The Precision Bass has a volume and a tone control. Most Jazz Basses have two volume controls and a single tone control. That's essentially it.

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P-bass- middy, thumpy, one size fits all tone. fat neck.

J-bass- chameleonic, can be bright, warm, middy, smooth, punchy, whatever. thinner neck.
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I forget who I heard it from, but a whle ago someone said this on the forums: "The P-Bass has a tone that SUITS everything, whereas the Jazz bass has a tone FOR everything." or something like that.

But the P-Bass has a slightly wider neck, which allows for easier string access down by the nut, and a single coil pickup more towards the middle, giving you more punch and mids.

The Jazz bass has a narrower neck, which allows for faster playing down by the nut once you get used to it. And the main difference is that Jazz basses hace two single coil pickups, one near the bridge and one more towards the neck than P-Bass pickups. This allows you to better shape your tone, and it also tends to have a smoother sound than a P-Bass.

P-Basses are generally used more for punk and rock due to their punchy sound, and Jazz Basses are used more for funk and smoother stuff. But as stated above, both can be used for anything really.

Also, both sound like sex, as stated by the quote in my sig.

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