I'm not sure if thats what its called but don't act like you don't what I'm talking about. so anyway i need help learning how to play surfer kinda guitar so if you can show me any good tutorials or vids on the web or even give me some tips it would be much appreciated
You might want to check out this recent thread for starters.


And this Wiki article is a good start as well.

Surf/Spy/Space guitar- especially the instrumental work- is usually characterized by rapid picking and a twangy sound (usually via single-coil pickups) that is sometimes given a bit of fuzz, flange, reverb, trem or chorus- rarely more than 1 or 2 effects at a time - and usually, there usually isn't much alteration of the sound beyond that.

Personally, my 2 main favorites of the genre are Dick Dale (one of the genre's pioneers) and the now defunct Finnish band, Laika and the Cosmonauts.

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