Hey, I can have one of these 2 amps for the same price (800$ can)
both have alot in common from what I read but just can't decide...

What do you think?
Hey, thx for guiding me...hehe.

I want the most versatile, since I play many genres ranging from jazz to metalcore.

@SwampAsh: Really? Because from what I saw in like 4 months of just looking over Craigslist and Kijiji every day, I didn't find anything under that price barrier that seems suitable. Except the Peavey Classic 50 for like 550$, but I don't like it. Also the direct output is important tio me.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to post them. I came down to those 2 amps not really by choice, but more in a budget-wise way. Classic Mesas Dual rec sells here for over 1200$ Can. used, Orange...forget it,
I'm also interested in the Maverick, i'm not buying one but i've seen quite a few on ebay and i'm wondering what the deal is with that.

Also TS, look into the Rectoverb, it's tonally great and very versatile.
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I actually think that is a great option. Unfortunately, I've never played one. I've played Traynor's though.

If you want a Fendery type clean channel for your jazz and a British Marshall type OD channel then this may be your amp.
Well... hehehe funny... I want to be able to achieve at least Metallica tones...ishi.