Poll: Do you like Piezo Pickups in an Electric Bass?
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15 94%
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Voters: 16.
What does everyone think of piezo pickups in an electric bass guitar? I ran a search and didn't see the topic come up much in the bass forum. I know guitarists have taken to these things in a big way, but what about bassists? I was playing a Carvin Icon the other day that had a piezo pickup in the bridge. I'd need to play it a bit more before I could render a decision on whether I liked the piezo (I loved the bass).

So what are everyone's thoughts on the subject?
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Rob Allen Mouse.

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if the instrument sounds good the piezo will sound good, bass included
I built a piezo pickup and wiring for my acoustic and it sounds awesome, a little bright but I added in a tone control to help deal with that as brightness was expected
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They're great, and I fully intend my next bass to have a piezo bridge. Adds another level of variation and versatility.


I love the sound of a piezo. IMO not enough basses have piezos
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