So I've been playing both acoustic and electric for a few years now, and have always been interested in toying with some home recording. I'd like to be able to record a guitar and vocals, ideally two peoples worth. I assume that means two mic inputs and two line inputs.

Problem being, I have no idea where to get started. I'm sitting on quite a powerful PC rig here that I built myself, so there aren't any issues there. But from what I can tell I need at least 1 mic and some form of mixer?

I went through a few of the stickied threads but just ended up confusing myself on what would be ideal for my needs.

Being in college, I'm somewhat short on cash (I'm sure you all remember) and went ahead and left my amp at home. So essentially, I've got a couple of guitars and a PC to hook them into and need to find a relatively affordable way to do so.

So I THINK that I'm looking for some form of USB mixer (correct me if I'm wrong?) and a mic? Or two?

Would love it if someone could correct any misplaced assumptions here and/or recommend me some hardware to go play with at the nearby music store.

Thanks a bunch in advance guys
If you have a good sound card then you could just get a good usb mic
if you have an average sound card then you could get a mic and recording interface which converts the analog signal from the mic to digital for your computer

the only need for a mixer is if you want to record multiple guitars and vocals all at once like a live recording type set up
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the line6 stuff is a good way to start
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line 6 pod x3 is insane, ive got the standard x3, its amazing, millions of tones for you favourite songs/bands on the line 6 website that line 6 users have made themselves, it has a mic input and a guitar input, so u can record guitar and drums/vocals/acoustic guitar or whatever. u can sing and play guitar at the same time etc.
its really good.
Well I already own a copy of Pro Tools via a friend of mine who has an entire recording studio in his garage, so I'm set on software. So best choice for me would be an audio interface I would assume from whats been given thus far?
You could always use Guitar Rig. You can record with any program and it will sound exactly as it does in standalone. The only thing you will need is some kind of USB interface.
you can't use pro tools without a digidesign (or m-audio, if you've got pro tools m-powered) interface.

if you've got a copy of LE...well it's pretty useless, as you'll have to buy a digidesign interface (they all come with LE anyway). though if you found a used mbox/002 etc that didn't have the software, you'd be set. if the pro tools you have is m-powered, go out and buy an m-audio fast track (or other m-audio interface).
Well if having Pro-Tools is going to cause problems, I'm more than happy to swap to some different software if anyone has suggestions to go with something simpler. Like I said, trying to stay under-the-radar here price-wise.