Hey guys,

I pulled the trigger on a Boss DD-7 and had a question. I have a 5150 combo and I know you have to try effects through both FX and in the front to really make an opinion, but does anyone have any issues with the DD-7 in the FX loop? My Phase 90 sounds like **** in the loop, and I really hope this won't be the case on the delay, because I know delaying distortion sounds pretty awful.

'preciate the initial input.
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For a phaser it's all up to your tastes where you put it, but a delay should STRICTLY be in the FX loop, the reason being that it gets muddy in front of the amp. Think about it this way. If the delay is before the preamp, your signal gets repeated, then distorted, which mean the repeats will be muddy and not replicas of he original signal. Having the delay in the FX loop after the preamp will make it so the delay repeats the already distorted sound, taking away the muddiness and adding clarity. I find myself using delay with distortion alot, actually. I find light delay adds nice depth to solos.

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The delay should go into the effects loop.

edit: Although I would like to say I experimented putting an analog delay into the front of a distorted amp and it got a REALLY cool sounds that would work for some avant garde stuff. . . but not really anything else
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i use my dd-6 in the effects loop of my 5150, sounds fine either way though.
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just try it in both,
with all efects you just mess with what order everything is in, untill you find good sounds
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The question wasn't where to put it - but if anyone I would initially have any problems with it there, since I had bad issues with the phase 90 (extremely trebly in the fx loop).

It is being special ordered through a local shop (did some trade ins for it) and I am just getting a feel right now.
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do what your ears like, but most people's ears like it in the loop. think about it the way jc described. in fact, think about all of your gear like that. that mindset will help you get what you're looking for with less guess and check.