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234 58%
61 15%
Not sure
60 15%
To young to decide
46 11%
Voters: 401.
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shred knows more about everything than anyone i think

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Well I sure as hell don't want them now. I'd have kids later in life, accidents or not >.>
No. I'm fairly sure I'd be a good father, but like you, I'm not fond of little kids. Plus, I like my privacy.

Btw, you used "To" in the wrong context, in your poll. "Too young".
Yeah I'm an arsehole.
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I think it comes with time and becoming an adult. I've certainly become more tolerant of childrens' behaviour in the past year or so, and previously wouldn't have considered children in the future. It may be that the (relatively) older posters in this thread will be more inclined to say that they would like children.

Just a theory though.
I love the idea of fatherhood. Yes, kids can be hard work, but the things that are really worth it are always hard work. I'd wait till I was financially secure and in a secure relationship before bringing a child into the world though- gives me time to learn more about myself and things around me before passing it on to a kid. You'll never be completely prepared to have kids, but I'd want to do everything I can beforehand.
Too late for me, I already have 2 kids, both girls. Livinia is 8 and Brianna is 5.

They are everything to me.
I'm young and stupid.

So young in the respect that I'd rather not, as to not spend the time and the money on them and stupid in the respect that accidents can happen...
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I do what I can

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Me too... me too...
i really don't

spend a day in a kids hospital (i had valid reasons to be there) and they drive you insane. i hate kids

When I'm financially able to support a child, yes.
It pretty much scares me... I don't think I want to dedicate my life to raising kids.
No rape jokes yet ?

But yeah I really want to have kids someday. People always say I'd make a really good father, I alwas smile when T hear that:p
yes! i can't wait to be a father.

children make menial things bearable and give life purpose.
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I'm hoping for at least two in my late twenties. Is it sad I already have the names planned out and everything?
Yes I want kids later in life. and to all of you who can't stand kids I say: "kids are like farts, you only like your own."
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When I'm in a secure relationship and financial situation I think I'd like to.
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Yes. His name will be Iam Walrus McCallister.
I like to write, and support Chemistry For Improved Life.

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Anything, anything at all. Please.
I want kids, but for now I want to live as a young adult. Don't want to throw my youth away by having kids. But yeah, later in life BRING THEM ON!
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Yes I want kids later in life. and to all of you who can't stand kids I say: "kids are like farts, you only like your own."

I can't stand my farts either.
Ya, kids are awesome. Not till later on in life though, when I can pay for it.
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I can't stand my farts either.

You don't feel a slight sense of achievment when you let go of a really smelly one?
<Omri> I love trannys too..
Yes, I'm going to have children later on. Feel it is my duty as a human being, bringing my genes on and continuing the proud, historical Staver heritage.
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Dunno. I mean, sure, it'd be nice to have someone to come visit me when I'm pissing my pants in a old folks home(as a resident, not just for the lulz). But frankly, I don't think I'd make a good parent, so it would be a pretty damn nasty thing to do to a kid.
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Ya, kids are awesome. Not till later on in life though, when I can pay for it.

Kids are indeed awesome, and are great entertainment. In fact, the only thing annoying about kids is when people my age post facebook statuses about their kids all the damn time.

Por example:

(Child) just had a whole pot of baby food and enjoyed it all yum yum, pasta and ham in tomato sauce or something....smelt mank but she liked it :p Just waiting on Mummy to come home now in the next hour so we can get ready

Quote by Hells_Bell
You don't feel a slight sense of achievment when you let go of a really smelly one?

No, but I feel Relievment.

Sorry if that's not a word, I was just trying to make a funny.
I'm shit with children, and I don't like the idea of a small person growing inside me and then forcing their way out of... yeah.
I don't know, to be honest. I mean, over the last few years I've definitely grown more tolerant towards small children's behaviour and I certainly enjoy spending time with my nephew (he's 3), but I definitely wouldn't want to have them unless it's with a person that I really, really, really love and care for.

For me, it would be all about the partner. I couldn't do it with a person that I didn't definitely love.

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