So, I've been kind of curious. I notice just about every fretboard cleaning product I've bought for my guitars says it's not for use on a maple fretboard (Though I've used it anyway sometimes). Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen a fretboard cleaning product that says it's ok to use on maple. Which leads to the question, is there something out there specifically for use on maple? Or what else am I supposed to do? Even though I've used other stuff before anyway, I've used it infrequently since I don't want to damage the wood/neck. The guitar in question is my Jackson DK2M.

Any help is appreciated
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I just use rubbing alcohol.
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A cleaner that is OK for the finish on your guitar should be OK for the maple fretboard. Take note I said cleaner though, not polish. Exposed wood cleaners (Ebony, Rosewood, etc) have oils in them to recondition the wood. This is not good for a finished fretboard because if some of it get under the finsh (by way of the fret slots) it can cause the finish to lift off the wood, ruining it.
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