I was going to buy Jazz III picks, but I've been watching some videos and reading some reviews about the V-Picks. What do you guys think about them? Are they better than Jazz III? Can you do fast picking, very precise picking, stuff like that better with the V-Picks?
It's pretty much different for everybody. No one pick is better than another. Playing performance is all about how it feels in your hands, and there's a lot more to it than just thickness. There's size, shape, flexibility, material, grip, etc. Play both for a week each and decide which feels better for you. There's a reason why there's an extremely wide range of pick sizes and shapes among the world's greatest guitarists.. they all found what they were happy with, not "the best pick on the market".

I played with the 1.14mm Tortex picks for months before deciding that they were too fat for me, then choosing the 1.0mm instead. I liked it a lot better and could play better with it. I used them for about 3 months before switching to the Jazz III, which is a lot sturdier and thicker than even the 1.14mms that I decided I didn't like. But I absolutely love Jazz III picks. Find what works for you.
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