It looks like and says it but it could be an Epiphone. I was looking at it.. not exactly sure if I would buy it but it does say Gibson on it. I was just wondering it is was a Gibson.

Any help on it? And if you find it, what model is it?
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It says it's an Epiphone right in the title and description...
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probably epiphone but some lame ass 5 year old put Gibson in the title to advertise the thing better.

i guess it's low end Flying V epiphone with a changed thruss rod cover.
Its probly not changed, everyone forgets older Epi's had Gibson on the truss rod.
its most likely an Epiphone with a "Gibson" truss rod cover
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Don't think so. It say's "gibson epiphone" flying v. Epiphone is owned by Gibson which is why he's calling it a "Gibson epiphone".

It looks abit like hes trying to hide the epiphone side of things very suttly to be honest, hes taken a photo of the head without showing the point where an epi will say epiphone, and calling it a Gibson epiphone is usually the sign of somone trying to make it sound like they have/are selling a gibson.
Quote by Jay.R
its most likely an Epiphone with a "Gibson" truss rod cover

this. a lot of people i know just buy little things to make a guitar look more expensive then it actually is, especially if your selling it. I even knew someone that attached a whole gibson headstock to a cheap $50 lp copy
A lot of people love to put Gibson first in the descriptions. It's an older V Epi stopped using the Gibson truss rod covers a few years ago. For $150.00 it sounds like a good deal. It looks flat black in the pics and as far as I know the only flat black Epis were the Goth series. I can't tell from the pics if the fret board has only on XII 12th fret marker. I would go try it out it's a good deal for a buck and a half!

It an old 80s Epi flying V. They all use to have a Gibson truss rod cover like that.
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If someone is looking for gibson in the searchbar, all the Gibson epiphones will come up, it's not a Gibson, he's just trying to get more views from people looking for gibsons
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I think it's definitely a Gibson...

I mean an Epiphone.
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Truth be told it should be listed Epiphone by Gibson. That is the way Epi/Gibson always advertised it.

Quote by random_B-RAD
It an old 80s Epi flying V. They all use to have a Gibson truss rod cover like that.

it could be '90s or even early '00s though - the truss rod covers have changed a lot, i've seen models as new as 2002 which have the "gibson" trussrod cover. either way, there's no arguing that it's an epiphone, and the guy selling it is trying to pass it off as a gibson by showing the truss rod cover and not the part of the headstock that clearly says "epiphone".

edit: actually, to be honest, it looks like somebody has painted over the entire face of the headstock in some face paint or something to cover up the epiphone logo and pretend its a gibson...
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Quote by random_B-RAD
It an old 80s Epi flying V. They all use to have a Gibson truss rod cover like that.

no, mine is a 2002 and it has gibson on the truss rod cover. And I know its real
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people put Gibson Epiphone in the listing or Fender Squire. Or ESP LTD. I don't know why that just drives me nuts..
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