not sure if this is the right thread, but i have a 'scale'(it will be in quotes because im not sure if it actually is a scale or not) going
12-13-15-16 on the E string
i think thats root, minor 2nd, minor 3rd, major 3rd. but i dont know how to reverse lookup scales and whatnot.
does anyone here know what aforementioned 'scale' is called or how i can go about looking it up?
It looks like the start of an Edim scale. The diminished scales are created by alternating 1/2 steps and whole steps (What you've written.), or reversing it to Whole steps and 1/2 steps. For it to be a full scale though you would have to continue the pattern for a full octave, e to e.
if it is a scale from its root then as someone said it looks like the start of a diminished scale, however if this is part of a song it could quite easily be F natural minor from the 7th going to the root, major second minor third.