can peavey triple xxx do stuff like blink 182, sum 41, ac/dc and guns n roses?
yea the crunch ch can handle all of that, just take your time with the EQ
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The XXX has a pretty good clean channel.
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It'll cover everything you've listed and then some. Pretty versatile amps. One of the best clean channels on a high gain amp imo.
yes, the triple x is pretty versatile as high gain amps go, easily reaches from pop to alt rock to hard rock to the early stages of metal, and like john said, the cleans are good, way better than most of peavey's offerings imo... jsx cleans are pretty good too for a high gain amp... i'd put them on par with each other.

EDIT: dang! eye beat me to it! well, really all of you did, but his post was almost verbatim.
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I just feel like it can do more metal than just 'early stages'.

yeah, that's true. i'm basically saying it's not a go-to for black/death metal types.