I finally decided how to pinstripe my guitar, but there are some questions that i think you guys could answer me

Things im gonna use:

Enamel paint (probably a really dark gray or white paint)
pinstripping brush

After ive dont the pinstriping, ill leave the guitar sit for 3 days, no one touches it >:O

My questions:

I live in Portugal, and i cant find a store which sells a pinstriping brush , would a normal brush do the thing? (if i cut it through the ferrule)
For the enamel paint, i think that the one shot enamel paint would be the best, yet again, i dont think theys sell it here, yet, ive searched on google, and some of the nail varnish wemen use has enamel painting, could i use those varnishes?

The surface of my gutiar is a glossy one, like this: http://www.frets.com/FRETSPages/Musician/GenMaint/FinishIntro/FinishIntroViews/flatneckglossbody.jpg
Dont use enamel, use any type of lacquer instead. Enamel is so much harder to get a good finish with
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Dont use enamel, use any type of lacquer instead. Enamel is so much harder to get a good finish with

Lacquer painting then?
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Lacquer painting then?


Also, instead of using a pinstriping brush, you may want paint the color of the stripe, then lay down painters tape over the parts where you want the pinstripe, then paint the main color. Only reason I say that is because it may be hard to get perfectly straight lines using a brush. But if you can do it, go for it
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I think he's actually meaning he wants to just paint right over the original finish, clearcoat and all.. which isn't the best idea but to each their own. If you are doing it this way though, you should still lay down some painters tape to outline the stripes you want and put the paint/nail pollish over that, peel off 10-15 minutes later then tidy up the edges with a razor blade or something very sharp the next day. Again, it's not the most professional or durable way of doing it than be all means go ahead it's your guitar afterall I painted a logo this way and it came out fine so good luck.