Hey guys!

I bought some 10 - 46's Roto sound. Now my problem is, the guy at the guitar shop said that i should be carefull putting them on my guitar, because the neck could break because of the thickness of the strings?

Btw, my guitar is a Dean Razorback V-255 Explosion, so its a solid body and neck, but im not sure on this one?

Any help is appreciated

:: Martin
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Wow you guys are quick!

But yeah, im kinda new to setting up strings and everything, but just a quick note .. Are 10's good for drop C playing?
11's for drop c methinks, but its personall preferance. Strings wont break a neck aslong as they're eased into the appropriatae tuning =]
w = wound

.10s are fine for C tuning.

You won't break a neck, but you can break stings if you don't stretch and follow instructions and a neck can warp if left with no strings at all or left with other set up problems.
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Hmm, it says on the pack:

10 - 13 - 17 - 26w - 36w - 46w

I have no idea what means, fill me in ?

the numbers are the size of the strings. the "w" means wounded
unless your neck is made from toothpicks or grahm crackers, the strings wont do anything. I have 12s on my Ibanez right now, and it works fine.
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The guitar's neck won't break that easily.
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I thought so, he's just trying to rip money out of me, dirty bastard !

Anyway, got another question!
My guitar got some frett buzz after some time not changing strings (Actually i havent changed strings at all, iamashamed!) will that cure the frett buzz, because there were none before?
Or do i have to play with the intonation?
I really think you need to read up on the Guitar Set Up and Changing Strings Sticky in the Electric Guitar forum. There is info there that will help you and if you get stuck after that you can post in there for personal help. If all else fails....PM me.

Im actually currently looking those threads actually

But sure, ill add you as a friend so i can find you easily