Hello everyone. Ive been lurking on this site for years first time on the forums though . Anyways I needed a little advice on my setup. For starters I am not looking to have the best gear out there. Just something that will sound good and get the job done. I would like to do a couple of things and would like to know the best course of action.

1.) Buy Line 6 Guitar port for the computer and leave the guitar alone.

2.) Buy EMG 81/85's

3.) Do both 1 and 2.

I have an Ibanez ax-120 as a starter guitar and I really like it besides I think it needs more balls. My amp is a little crate combo, nothing special. Thanks, Mike.
Unless your combo is a tube amp, I wouldn't go with the EMGs. They don't usually song good with solid state amps.
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for one you could get a line six P.O.D and get one and get great effects

and two EMG's are really terrible pick ups to say the truth go with duncans they sound better that any EMG I've ever played
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I think it's the amp that needs more balls. Look into a small 5w Valve amp or similar, with an OD pedal.
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what kind of 'balls' are you going for? such as, what kinda sound do you want out of it? metal? rock? blues?
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Theres pics of what I have if it helps. The balls I was looking for are more along the lines of metallica/zakk wylde type balls but it wouldnt hurt to have some cleaner blues sounds as well. Thats why I didnt know if I just got the line 6 deal if the pickups would matter much considering it would give me the effects I need and I would mostly run it off the computer speakers or my surround sound eliminating the need for my amp. Thanks for the fast replies.
Really, I think everything needs to be improved.
But seriously, there are much better distortion pedals than the Metal Zone. I'd say get a Blackstar HT-5, a Blackstar HT Dist, and a new pickups. For the pickups, I'd say, get ceramic magnets for the bridge, and a PAF for the neck. As for what kind, well I'll look into it more and be back.
EMGs are great pickups, no matter what anyone else says... but to put them in a starter guitar would not make much use of them. I would say the guitar port is a good choice, I have one and like it very much. But as for modding the guitar you have, I would just save the 200 bucks for EMGs and put it toward a guitar that comes with them.
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So why wouldnt this guitar be worth putting better pickups in? I ask because I dont know. I have always heard from other people who have owned it that overall its a good guitar it just needs better pickups. It has a mahogany body with maple neck and rosewood fretboard. As far as what I know these are good materials for a base right?
it won't really be worth putting better pickups in it for two reasons.
1: That pedal is awful. It will make the best of guitars sound like crap.
2: That amp won't fully reflect the pickup change. You'll hear a difference, but it will be so minute that you'll wonder if it was worth the $200 for the EMG's.

So basically, get a new amp, and a new pedal. The guitar itself is fine.
I see, thanks for clarifying that for me man. I have alot of thinking to do then I guess.