Alright. I have a Boss ME-50. I have been using it for about 3 or 4 years. I have not done anything to harm it really, and it's always worked fine. But I just turned it on the other day, and the stomp pedals will not work. The main wah/volume pedal works, but I can't access memory or tuning mode, or use effects. I also notice that the "variation" button light on the overdrive/distortion controls is lit, and it will not turn off. I've tried everything, and I think it's just a malfunction, but I wondered if anyone had had this problem before. I'd really like it to work. Any help would be appreciated...

P.S. I am using the adapter, not batteries, and this problem exists either way that I power it.
factory reset it if you can
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Good idea, but it didn't work. It definitely reset because I got the "F" light, but the variation button still lights up.

I just took it apart. There was some erosion in the computer chip, near the variation button, so I cleaned it best I could. I think that may be part of the problem, but if water somehow got in there, I fear that the real problem is under the chip, which is much harder to get to.

One more weird thing is that if I just leave the pedal on for a few hours, the variation button turns itself off randomly. And then the pedal works.