Originally I had written a guitar part, and me and my friend who plays bass worked from that, however I felt the two parts were fighting too much, and the bass part sounds better in my opinion so I thought I would go back to the start and work my playing around the bass.

Were playing in the key of G - I think everything he is playing is minor pentatonic, so I was wondering what scales I could use and positions I should try playing in etc.?

I'd just like some ideas of ways I could add to this piece. What notes need emphasising, what chords I could try?
I've been playing around, but nothing I can think of playing adds to this riff - I'm looking to expand my ideas.

Thanks for your help!
scale: G minor blues

what positions should you play in: It doesn't really matter. use your ear. Play something that sounds good.

In general, I would add that if you're writing music, you should draw from your own experiences. if you lack the ability to do this, you might want to consider getting more experience, and then come back to writing when you're ready for it.

Or you could experiment with your interpretations of the advice in this thread................>
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Try some chromatic runs or triplets to add density to a bassline. A classic, imho, as far as busy bass lines go, is the bass part from "Green Hill Zone" from the sonic the hedgehog games.
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I just learn the formula, apply it to a key, and use said notes on fretboard. Why? Cuz I'm not a pussy.
you could try something simple like fret g,b, and e on the 3rd fret (g minor chord) and syncopate the rhythms, make it funky. what style are you trying for here?
I'd say to use the guitar as more of a rhythmic instrument to let the bass have more of the attention, try some simple chords on the top 3 or 4 strings make a cool little choppy sort of rhythm, or whatever rhythm will suit the style you're going for the best. examine money by pink floyd and look up some funk and such
Sorry to be picky, but the way you have counts 3 and 4 in every bar written is confusing. You have five 16th notes on one side, and 3 on the other. Technically you should tie the C across from the last 16th of three to the first count of 4. It really doesn't matter..but in case you are giving this to other musicians it makes it easier to read.