Wasn't sure where this thread should go so forgive me if it's in the wrong place.

I'm looking to buy a concert ukulele, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or not?

I'm assuming what to look for in a uke is almost identical to what to look for in an acoustic guitar (solid wood top, sides etc) but I'm not sure on any good brands and such like.

Any advice would be fantastic


Edit: forgot to mention my price range, ideally I don't want to be spending a lot on a first uke, but up to about 100GBP (or just slightly more) would be ok if it meant a better quality instrument.
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There are many nice ukes around and really fun to play. Martins are alright but finding a concert might be hard (don't even know if they are made). My girlfriend's soprano Martin is a nice uke, it always stays in tune and has a nice sound, not a great uke but quite nice.

www.ukuleleunderground.com is a nice website all about ukes and the people there will probably be able to give you tons of options on ukes.