I need to play a song on bass that has the guitar playing 7th chords. What songs would you recommend? I play stuff like Rage Against The Machine, Blink, Hendrix...
honestly, playing stuff like that (except for hendrix), your not going to run into a lot of 7 chords. if your down, alot of beatles tunes use 7's, and whole lot of blues and jazz uses 7's. hendrix throws them in every once in a while, just search tabs of his you like and eventually youll find one.
well blues progressions are I7, IV7, V7 (e.g. A7, D7, E7)
Most blues rock will, like Cream, Allman Bros, Hendrix, Black Keys use them
Beatles, Rolling Stones and Some Bob Dylan come to mind
I'm pretty sure Incubus and Muse will throw some in occasionally
White Stripes probably do
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