Hey, Dave here. Guitarist and bassist of between 3 and 4 years. 17 years old. Into a range of styles. Looking for any serious musicains in and around Birmingham with similar interests. I've posted a few of these threads in the past and this'll probably be the last i'll post in this forum before giving up on it.
16 years old, Guitarist for 5 - 6 years, grade 6 standard. Into so many different genres it'll take too long to list them, I have lots of experimental and prog influences. I'm willing to try playing lots of different stuff, as long as we play it well

I'm in Dudley, not too far from Birmingham, but hiring a studio of some sort for practices would probably be ideal, save me lugging around my amp with me everywhere.

Anyway if you're interested, or just wanna chat/find out more, add me on MSN or something:




EDIT: Or PM me, whichever you prefer.
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