By the way, so far we have a Zombie Slash, Dracula on drums and a mad professor on keys. I've just stuck a ton of old fancy dress gear in our rack case so we're not really working things out 'til we get to the venue, but I'll try and post some funny photos of the results.

Halloween gigs are a laugh - great pay, and great fun!
Seems more like a pit thread. But no gig tonight
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Of course I don't wanna go in the woods. There's bears in there.

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Jeff Ament is a sexy sexy beast.

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Yes. Chest hair = automatic awesome. Even if you're a woman.
we were supposed to have a gig last night, we were getting ready for a couple of months. we doubled our set list because it was gonna be our first gig being the only band, really work our asses off.

then about a week or two before the gig they canceled it. we thought about just hosting it ourselves (they were gonna rent a place) but decided it would be too much work to have to worry about party business as well as setting up the stage and such
i was a cat. the rest of my band couldn't be bothered though, so it was just me looking silly. i quite liked that though.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
If I had a band, I'd have been in corpse paint.
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