well right now im in the shop for a nice classical guitar.
im up to my butt in electric and figured i need to upgrade from my crapocoustic.
i looked at the 300$ guitar thread but none were classical guitars.

show me some classical guitars that i could get for 250-350 $

the cheaper and better, then thats better lol.
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alvarez and yamaha make good beginner classicals. strangely so does ibanez. and although i haven't played a la patrie, they're the same folks as seagull. never seen them make something that wasn't good quality and great-sounding.

btw, if you're going for that classic classical sound, make sure you get a cedar top. i see yamaha has some that are spruce...

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LA PATRIE...hands down
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I would say for that price range you can't go wrong with Yamaha and I wouldn't recommend anything else, because I never had any positive experiences with cheap classical guitars at that price range (other than Yamaha).