I have a 6505+ and love the tone I get when I crank it up...is there any way at all to get that tone without having to be so loud?
Yes, there are several attenuators out there - the basic theory is that the attenuator will let you fully load the amp, but cut the power actually going to your speaker and bleed off the excess, usually as heat. You won't get 100% of the tone you would otherwise, but it can get you fairly close.
there are other bedroom recording tricks with isolation boxes and cabs, where in you sean a cabinet in a box to isolate the sound. then there is also super small amps that are 5 watts and less, the smallest tube amp i have seen was the zvex micro amp(2 tiny tubes @ 1 watt). blackheart makes an... um... ant head?? something like that, it's only a couple of watts. the ever cheap epi valve junior is only 5 watts. but really low wattage really just means less headroom, but it does sound sweet.
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I have a triple rectifier, which is 150w of eardrum rupturing brutality, and with my hotplate I can play in my basement into the wee hours of the night without waking the wife. Just keep track of where you normally EQ the amp when playing without it, because you'll probably want to tweak the EQ to make it sound the best with the hotplate.
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