Hey all. i've taken to writing techno on guitar pro o_O''

and... i'd like to know what you think.

so...have at it?

I know probably none of you could give me pointers writing TECHNO, but i'd like your opinions lol. Crit 4 crit

P.S. this isn't finished yet...
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VERY well done man, it'd be taking it a bit far to say i enjoyed it as techno really aint my thing but it sounded good and was well thought out and tabbed, must have taken some time to arrange?.
Feel free to crit anything on my profile, there's a few covers and originals, mostly punk and metal but see what you think.
Cheers man.
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when the backgrounds come in at 0:48, you could do alot more with that part i think, maybe effects like reverb, strange delays, or just anything to make it more out of the ordinary. The song does flow, but it needs more lead synth to it (at the beginning, the ending one was great) and try using more than just one lead, possible one ina different register with a completely different sound as well as some bass to it. for the bass, try either electric or acid bass, but something kinda thick in the sound.

the synth you have is a great background though, good progression with the chords. but when you do the rhythms in the background of the solo, don't be afraid to have try multiple rhythms and kinda mess around with those, if you choose to though, just don't over do it. =p

o yea, and throwing in spontaneous and random effects are always fun. just mixing effects with odd instruments (like heavy reverb and drums are fun to combine, cymbals, crash, bass, etc.) to make something never heard of before or just making rising oscillating sounds to help the song flow and add dynamics can help.
It's been so long man, don't leave for extended periods of time like that.

So am I an influence on you? lol

Dude that's a bomb string intro Not even kidding. lol

And that Lead Intro is like bomb and the dancy parts part is like OMG lol You make me wanna stop writing technoey Douche.

DId you spend the 3 months you disappeared writing this?

So far so good, lets keep in touch man, we can exchnage techno ideas, and I can let you hear some new Electronica songs.

But for now, you can finish what yous tarted, you crited like 5 songs loll
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I love it! The really upbeat part on tracks 7 and 4 really did make me want to dance. (too bad I can't dance. )

To continue it, I think it could be cool to go into a more relaxed bridge, kind of the same style as the intro, except keeping a drum beat going to keep it from losing all of it's energy.
Well done, looks like you've put alot of effort into this.

Though I'm not too into eurobeat, this stuff sounds great. The only thing thing I would change is the sliding on track 9 in bar 33. The melody and idea is solid, but the sliding causes some off-tune notes to appear
Thanks for the kind words guys

Don't flatter yourself too hard :P
Actually you kind of are and inspiration lol. i get alot of ideas from you. like overlapping the melody voices
And i promise i won't leave for like half a year again lol.

I'll get to critting everyones stuff soon

...well alkalineweeman anyway. he's the only one that asked o.O''